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Modern production is not far removed from what it was during Victorian England. Of course, the end products, materials, and tools have changed. For example, to produce one camera, you need to go through a large production chain. You need to make a high-quality lens using the finest tools. The same applies to the case, which is made using an injection molding machine, and in this matter, not only accuracy is important, but also environmental friendliness and cleanliness of production, since the plastic from which the cases are made is a petroleum product. And such apparatus for stamping bodies are also quite difficult to maintain due to the presence of hydraulic elements that require regular fluid changes.

Millstone Kitchen is a commercially-licensed kitchen space. Available for rent by the hour, food entrepreneurs can ready their product for sale or test new recipes, offering the freedom to explore new markets and customers without the risk of opening their own storefronts. The Kitchen can also serve as a commissary space for local food trucks, offering prep and storage spaces as well as disposal services.

Additionally, Millstone Kitchen offers business support services and seeks to cultivate a supportive community of new entrepreneurs based at the Kitchen. Kitchen users will have access to professionals who can assist with business plan development, marketing, food safety regulations, and sourcing ingredients.

Some of the equipment Millstone Kitchen offers includes: a walk-in cooler and freezer, ranges, convection ovens, tilting skillet, steam-jacketed kettle, dehydrator, commercial mixers, commercial food processors, and more!

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