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About Millstone Kitchen

Do you like cooking but have no place and equipment to practice it? Well, you have to know that nowadays you can practice cooking in shared use kitchen spaces. There are a lot of such initiatives around the country, so you just need to look up information about it on the Internet. Initially, these places were created for food entrepreneurs; however, anyone can apply and become a user of such a kitchen. Such a start-up would be useful for college students who want to feed themselves or their friends if the dorm lacks good equipment. You might think they should have no time to cook due to the heavy load, but they'd better use a cheap essay writing service instead of doing boring homework. Students have a too-tight schedule, so asking for assistance is the only possible way for them to carve out some time for themselves. They can spend it on cleaning, cooking, walking, rest, or anything else the college assignments don't let them do. No matter how many people will hate online assistance, it remains one of the best ways for students to live their lives to the fullest.

Millstone Kitchen is a commercially-licensed kitchen space. Available for rent by the hour, food entrepreneurs can ready their product for sale or test new recipes, offering the freedom to explore new markets and customers without the risk of opening their own storefronts. The Kitchen can also serve as a commissary space for local food trucks, offering prep and storage spaces as well as disposal services.

Additionally, Millstone Kitchen offers business support services and seeks to cultivate a supportive community of new entrepreneurs based at the Kitchen. Kitchen users will have access to professionals who can assist with business plan development, marketing, food safety regulations, and sourcing ingredients.

Some of the equipment Millstone Kitchen offers includes: a walk-in cooler and freezer, ranges, convection ovens, tilting skillet, steam-jacketed kettle, dehydrator, commercial mixers, commercial food processors, and more!

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